Where can I buy the Hideg Nyalat products?


31 Jul · hidegnyalat · No Comments

At the moment we have 172 resellers all over the country (in Hungary). 65 partner in Budapest and the rest in the countryside. Most of our resellers are bio shops, bio wholesalers, diet stores, coffee shops and restaurants. On our website you can find a “store search” function.


On the main header click on the Store button, than in the search field write your postal code, or city. You can even write your street address, than press an enter and on the map you can directly see where is the closest store near you.

Hideg Nyalat home delivery

Did you know that it’s been years that in Budapest and in its suburbs we operate a home delivery service? Yes, you heard it right, we do! On the main header click on the webshop button, and then you are redirected to our home-delivery website. Our driver (Rudi) is incredibly flexible and he will deliver your products within the time frame when you request it! Why is it better to order to your home than just buy it in a local store? Most of the stores don’t sell the entire Hideg Nyalat product line and even if they do it can happen that they are out of stock from a specific product. However at the home delivery website you can order anything anytime from the entire product line and it will be delivered to your house!