Creamy soups without dairy and gluten

Creamy soups  without dairy and gluten


  • 00 g Hideg Nyalat vegan cream cheese (natural)
  • Any type of vegetable from which you would like to make the cream soup


  1. We managed to create a new generation of creamy soups! Our amazing vegan cheese can replace both dairy and flour. It gives the prefect texture to the cream soup without using any of the above mentioned products. You can pick any kind of vegetable, cook it, add some of our natural vegan cheese, cook it further or mix it with a nutribullet and VOILA, the cream soup is ready!
  2. Today we decided to make a sweet potato cream soup. First cook some red onion on coconut oil than add your sweet potato and fill it with some water. Spice it with some salt and pepper. Wait until the potatoes are cooked than add some vegan cheese until you reach the desired consistency. Try it with any of your favorite veggies! You will love it!